Maximise influencer marketing return on investment with independent data and insights


Use our data to answer questions like...


Market Industry Data

  • Who are the best performing influencers in the Beauty industry?

  • What engagement rate targets should we set for a campaign in the Men's Fashion industry?

  • How should we work with Beauty YouTube influencers to maximise return on investment?


Benchmark Campaigns

  • Where did our campaign engagement performance rank in the Food & Drink industry on Instagram?

  • Where does a 4% average engagement rate place us in the Home Furnishings industry on Instagram?

  • Check out our benchmarking widget to see how your campaigns are performing today


Competitive Intelligence

  • Which competitors are working with which influencers in the High End Fashion industry?

  • What engagement performance are they achieving and where does that rank them in the industry?


Post-Campaign Reporting

  • How did the influencers in our campaign perform relative to their past organic and past branded posts?

  • Which were the best performing influencers?

  • How can we optimise our influencer campaigns going forward?


As featured in:

We’ve been very impressed with the quality of the data & insights that we’ve received from CampaignDeus - the post level analysis was able to identify exact performance drivers and provided data-driven recommendations for future campaigns
— Affiliate Marketing & Partnerships @ Net-a-Porter
We love that there’s a player in the influencer marketing space that provides unbiased, independent benchmarking & measurement - we work with CampaignDeus to show the value of our campaigns to clients. Their industry & competitor benchmarks are unparalleled!
— Managing Director, UK @ Studio71


How it works


Public data collection → Ad detection → Post tagging → Approval process


We have built a global database of brand sponsored influencer campaign performance metrics, tracking hundreds of thousands of posts. Our data is augmented with Artificial Intelligence and Human Tagging to ensure we have the richest proprietary data in the industry.


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