Deep Dive: Influencer & Brand of the Week

Influencer(s) of the Week

Who are this week’s Influencer(s) of the Week?

The Michalaks, Hannah, Sefan and Grayson, are a Bath-based family that create vlogs about their everyday life.

The channel began as a beauty and fashion Vlog run by Hannah. However, once she learnt that she was expecting a child, the channel transformed as an outlet for her to share her pregnancy experience. Their YouTube channel shot to fame when Zoella tweeted to Hannah that she was a big fan of their videos. Since then they have worked with brands such as Virgin Holidays, The National Trust and HP.

Most recently The Michalaks achieved an engagement rate of 1.41% on their video sponsored by Bosch, which is approximately 3.5x higher than the average sponsored post on YouTube.  For this reason, they are our influencer of the week.


What’s interesting about their YouTube channel?

The Michalaks have created several pieces of branded content for their channel in the last three months. They have collaborated with a wide variety of brands, ranging from SpecSavers to TSB. These posts have achieved an average engagement rate of 2.1%, which is about 5x higher than the average sponsored post on YouTube. Compared to their organic engagement rate of 2.6%, their sponsored posts under-perform by about 20% (which is relatively normal on YouTube).

Their best performing post featured a partnership with The Telegraph Travel, with an engagement rate of 2.7%. Posts that featured a Competition/Giveaway outperformed posts featuring a Product Promotion by almost two-fold, with engagements rates of 2.9% and 1.4%, respectively.

What did we find surprising about them?

Stef, who edits the videos, uses their channel to help promote relatively unknown artists by featuring their music in their videos and exposing them to their 281k followers.

Brand of the Week

Who is this week’s Brand of the Week?

This week our winner of Brand of the Week is “Take Five”, a national awareness campaign, dedicated to preventing fraud by informing the public on the dos & don’ts of financial data enquiries.

The movement was introduced by FFA UK, a subsection of UK finance. They offer straightforward advice to increase public knowledge on fraud schemes in the UK, with their slogan “My Money? My Info? I Don’t Think So.”

Why is “Take Five” our Brand of the Week?

In the past week, they have collaborated with a number of Instagram influencers to produce a campaign with an average engagement rate of 7.4%. This performance ranked in the top 10% of brand sponsored influencer posts in the Government vertical and the top 4% across Instagram overall.

Which influencers did they work with in the last week?

Their “Yellow Sofa Roadshow” event, an open forum to get expert financial advice, was attended by influencers in order to help promote the events (which are open to the general public), being held across the country.


They partnered with micro-influencers from the Lifestyle vertical, including Sarah Peasant aka Surrey_mama, with 7.7k followers, and Franca Desjardins aka A Moment with Franca, 13.4k followers.


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