Deep Dive: Brand of the Week

In the last few months here at CampaignDeus, we have started naming our weekly Brand of the Week on our Instagram page and through our newsletter.

Each week we follow a rigorous process to select our Brand of the Week. We:

  • Identify all brand-sponsored influencer posts in the UK which appeared on Instagram or YouTube the week before
  • Evaluate each post to determine which brands have been the most active on Instagram or YouTube
  • Establish which posts have performed strongly during that week
  • Analyse overall engagement for the campaign’s performance. We examine the data by performance within the brands’ verticals and over/underperformance vs. the influencers’ past branded posts

After following this process we’re ready to crown each week’s winner.

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Who is this week’s Brand of the Week?

This week our winner of Brand of the Week is Celebrations, the chocolate collection owned by Mars, Inc.


Launched in 1997, Celebrations comprises of miniature versions of Mars-produced chocolate bars, including Snickers, Galaxy, Maltesers & Milky Way. With the tagline "Share the Joy", Celebrations were the first ever mixed box of chocolates to bring together confectionery which had been already released in one box or tin instead of introducing new, especially-created confectionery.

Why are Celebrations our Brand of the Week?

Celebrations worked with a range of UK-based influencers last week, achieving an overall average engagement rate of almost 3% on Instagram.

Their posts ranked in the top 30% of brand sponsored influencers posts within the Food & Drink vertical on Instagram (over the last 3 months) and in the top 25% of brand sponsored influencer posts across Instagram.

Which influencers did they work with in the last week?

The strategy for this campaign involved working with influencers across multiple verticals - from fashion to travel to music to mummy bloggers. Account size wise, Celebrations chose to work predominantly with micro influencers below the 60k follower mark, but did also vary it up using The Pixie Cut, whose Instagram account has over 127k followers.

Other influencers who collaborated on this campaign included Paulina GrabowskaEmily Libbey & Rosie Blake.


One of the top performing posts from the campaign was by Singer/Songwriter & YouTuber, Leadley, who achieved an engagement rate of over 5.5% with a post of herself alongside a Celebrations tub, next to her Christmas tree.

What can we learn from their influencer posts?

Evaluating the campaign in a bit more detail, we find:

  • Post Focus: this was largely split between posts which included the influencer and posts that just focused on a box of Celebrations. Performance wise, posts that featured the influencer too performed 20% better on average than those without
  • Post Type: all of the posts from the campaign were Product Promotion posts, that placed particular emphasis on a box of Celebrations
  • Location: the most frequent location where posts from the campaign were shot was in the influencers’ living rooms (87%) - however, these performed 26% worse than posts shot elsewhere, in terms of engagement

What’s our favourite Celebrations chocolate?

We conducted a poll within our team, and Galaxy came out on top! If you’re wondering what to send us for Christmas... 🙂

Congratulations again to Celebrations for being our Brand of the Week. For more information on the type of data we are collecting and the methodologies behind our analysis, get in touch.

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