Deep Dive: Influencer & Brand of the Week

Who is this week’s Influencer of the Week?

Our Influencer of the Week is Georgie Carman aka georgie_carman.



She is a fashion influencer from Norwich, who shares fashion content featuring self-created looks on Instagram under the hashtag #stylebygeorgie. She has worked with brands such as Domino's UK, CaseApp and Ebay. She is also a Boux Avenue Ambassador.

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 2.50.13 PM.png

Most recently, Georgie achieved an engagement rate of 6.8% on her Instagram post sponsored by Boux Avenue, which is around 2.3x higher than the average sponsored post on Instagram.

For this reason, she is our Influencer of the Week.

What’s interesting about her Instagram page?

Georgie has created several pieces of branded content. She has worked with a wide variety of brands ranging from Celebrations to Vaseline. The average engagement rate across all of her brand sponsored posts is 6.0%, which is 2x higher than the average sponsored engagement rate on Instagram. Her organic engagement rate is 5.9%, surprisingly below the performance achieved when working with brands!

2018-03-28 (3).png

Her best performing sponsored post also featured a partnership with Boux Avenue, which achieved an engagement rate of 9.8%, outperforming her average sponsored engagement rate by 40%!

What did we find surprising about her?

She is currently studying fashion design at university.


Who is this week’s Brand of the Week?

Our Brand of the Week is awarded to cosmetics, skincare and perfurmery brand Elizabeth Arden!  Founded by businesswoman Elizabeth Arden in 1910, the company introduced iconic products such as their classic eight hour cream, blue fragrance perfume and the first travel-sized beauty products, which revolutionised the beauty industry. 

Elizabeth Arden.jpg

Why is Elizabeth Arden our Brand of the Week?

Over the past week they collaborated with YouTube influencer Lydia Elise Millen to produce a post that achieved an average engagement rate of 1.4%. This places them in the top 10.6% of best performing posts in the Beauty vertical and the top 11.3% on YouTube as a whole. This post has performed 3.5x better than the average sponsored YouTube post. 

Which influencer did they work with in the last week?

Elizabeth Arden worked with Lydia Elise Millen, who is a Fashion, Lifestyle and Beauty YouTube blogger, with 605k subscribers.

Over the past three months, Elizabeth Arden has worked with influencers such as Alexandra Emily and Jess Copper on Instagram, and Sophie Shohet on YouTube.

Past branded posts on Instagram have achieved an average engagement rate of 3.1%, which ranks in the top 27% of the Beauty vertical.

Their past YouTube influencer posts have achieved an average engagement rate of 1.2%, which ranks them in the top 14% of the Beauty vertical. 


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