CampaignDeus releases report benchmarking performance in the UK Fashion & Style vertical

2017 was a big year for influencer marketing. 2018 will be bigger still.

Anyone watching this space will have heard the growing cries for data, insights and measurement. Brands and agencies want to know how their campaigns are performing and which variables are driving success.

Instagram is the powerhouse of influencer marketing. This year we’ll see the site topping a billion users per month. And the Fashion & Style vertical is comfortably the most represented in terms of brand sponsored posts on the platform.

Today CampaignDeus publish a new report: Insights from Fashion & Style: A snapshot of the data and the factors driving performance on Instagram. We analysed 6,000 brand sponsored influencer posts on Instagram from 2017 to shed some light on what is driving campaign performance. We discover which brands and influencers produced the most engaging content and break down the factors contributing to their success.

This report is crammed with data-rich insights. Some of the highlights include:

  • An estimated £30m was spent on sponsored Instagram posts in the Fashion & Style vertical in the UK in 2017
  • The Fashion & Style vertical is the largest on Instagram, representing over a quarter (29%) of all sponsored posts on the platform
  • The average engagement rate on these posts was 2.2%, making it the second highest performing vertical on the platform
  • Men’s Fashion posts outperformed the Fashion & Style vertical average by 15%
  • 2017’s best performing brands were Sabo Skirt, Nasty Gal and Ted Baker

Accurate data and robust, independent campaign performance evaluation, along with industry benchmarking, will become a fundamental part of the influencer marketing campaign planning process in 2018. The industry can no longer afford to fudge the monitoring and evaluation of its work.

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CampaignDeus provides independent influencer campaign benchmarking, data and reporting to brands and agencies. We have created a standard for marketers working across all verticals including Fashion & Style to measure the impact of their campaigns and improve ROI.

We’ve developed technology that ingests thousands of data points on brand sponsored influencer posts. We use machine learning to derive certain attributes and a team of human taggers to manually pull off the other, more esoteric qualities.

Our data is unparalleled in its depth and accuracy. We are now using it to help brands and agencies make better investment decisions in influencer marketing. This new report gives a glimpse under the bonnet at how CampaignDeus can drive better influencer marketing for brands and agencies.

To set your organisation up for influencer marketing success, download your copy of the report today. If you’re interested in the data behind this report or want a deeper dive into the trends discussed in it, get in touch.

CampaignDeus is the leading independent provider of influencer marketing campaign data for Instagram and YouTube. Our platform identifies and classifies brand sponsored influencer campaign performance metrics, tracking hundreds of thousands of posts.

We use this data to provide Brands & Agencies with industry insights across verticals, benchmark campaigns against vertical & competitor averages, and equip clients with in-depth reporting and recommendations on how to make campaigns more effective. Get in touch for more details.

Scott Guthrie works with companies to drive business growth in the social age through strategic insight and technical know-how. A former digital director of influencer relations at Ketchum, Scott is now an advisor at CampaignDeus. You can find Scott on LinkedIn and Twitter, or on his blog.