Deep Dive: Examining the Fitness Vertical on Instagram

The Fitness industry has begun harnessing the potential of influencers, with posts making up 3.0% of brand-sponsored content across Instagram.

The CampaignDeus Insights & Benchmarking platform provides detailed performance data on brand-sponsored influencer content. We can use it to understand the post attributes that deliver successful campaigns.

In this post we unpick the factors that drive strong campaign performance in the Fitness vertical on Instagram. The below analysis is based on last 3 months data.


What is a strong engagement rate in Fitness?

Engagement rate is calculated by adding likes and comments (engagements) and dividing by the number of followers.

The average engagement rate on non-sponsored fitness posts 2.80%. The average sponsored engagement rate is 2.66%. This drop off in performance is consistent across verticals, with an average drop off of 12% across verticals.

Not all campaigns achieve engagement rates around the 2.6% mark; many outperform this benchmark and many fall short. An average campaign engagement rate of above 4% puts you in the top 18% of the vertical.

Event Promotions and Competitions outperform Product Placements

Post Type is one of the post attributes CampaignDeus collect data on. It allows us to compare the performance of posts that promote brands vs. posts that promote products, for example. Or access the impact on performance of including a Competition / Giveaway in the campaign.

Looking across the Fitness vertical, we see the best performing posts are Event Promotions and Competition / Giveaways, with average performance across both above 4%.



The most frequently occurring post type is Product Placement / Promotion, accounting for over 50% of brand sponsored Fitness posts.

Half of all Fitness posts focus on the Full Influencer

Post Focus is what you can see in the photo or video. Whether a post features a shot of a product, a landscape or the influencer themselves makes a big difference to performance.



Full Influencer posts are the most frequently occurring within the Fitness vertical, contributing heavily to the overall vertical average engagement rate. 

In terms of performance, the top post focus is Friends & Family (meaning when an influencer puts up a post which includes his/her Friends & Family), outperforming the average post by almost 50%. 

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The best performing locations are Bedrooms and Swimming Pools

CampaignDeus tag each post for the location seen in the photo or video. We find different locations perform well in different verticals.

In the Fitness vertical the most popular location is Gym and Fitness centres, which make up 32% of sponsored posts.

The best performing locations are Bedroom and Private Swimming Pools, with an average engagement rate of 4.4%. However, posts located in the Bedroom only make up 5% of posts in this vertical.

Shirts & Tops are the best performing sponsored products

CampaignDeus tag posts for sponsoredmentioned and other seen products. Here we look at the performance of sponsored products within the Fitness vertical.


The most commonly occurring sponsored product is Activewear (generic), which makes up 21% of sponsored posts. Other popular products to post about are Trainers & Sneakers, Yoga Pants and Exercise & Fitness products, with each product making up 8% of sponsored content on Instagram.

The best performing products are Shirts & Tops followed by Pants with engagement rates of 3.60% and 3.48%, respectively.

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Gymshark and Nike Women have average engagement rates over 4%


The top five best performing brands are Gymshark with a 4.2% engagement rate overall across Instagram, Nike Women with 4.1%, Sure with 3.8%, Berocca 3.7% and NUX with a 3.1% engagement rate.

This is based on brand data over the last 3 months, with a minimum threshold of 5 brand sponsored posts.     

CampaignDeus is the leading independent provider of influencer marketing campaign data for Instagram and YouTube. Our platform identifies and classifies brand sponsored influencer campaign performance metrics, tracking hundreds of thousands of posts.

We use this data to provide Brands & Agencies with industry insights across verticals, benchmark campaigns against vertical & competitor averages, and equip clients with in-depth reporting and recommendations on how to make campaigns more effective. Get in touch for more details.