Deep Dive: Influencer and Brand of the Week

Who is our Influencer of the Week?

Family Fizz (Darren, Georgie, Mia and Sienna) are a Brighton-based family who create daily vlogs about their life. Their aim is to provide viewers with funny and exciting content. Their most popular channel is YouTube, however, they also have a substantial presence on Instagram and Twitter.


Most recently, Family Fizz achieved an average engagement rate of above 15% on two Instagram posts sponsored by Virgin Trains, which is approximately 5x higher than the average sponsored post on Instagram and in the top 1% of the Travel category. For this reason, they are our Influencer of the Week.

What's interesting about their Instagram page?

Family Fizz has created several pieces of branded content, collaborating with brands like Spotify, Now TV and Vodafone. Their average sponsored engagement rate is almost 12%, which is 4x higher than the average sponsored post, placing them in the top 3% on Instagram. Surprisingly, their organic engagement rate is about the same as their sponsored engagement rate.

Their best performing sponsored post featured a collaboration with Daniel Wellington, which achieved an engagement rate of over 19%, outperforming their average engagement rate by 65% and placing the post in the top 1% of the Fashion & Style category.


What did we find surprising about them?

The whole family has been vegan for six years! Daren and Georgie are also expecting another child this month.

Brand of the Week

Who is this week’s Brand of the Week?

Founded back in 1690, Barclays bank has made significant contributions to the banking landscape, such as launching the first cash dispenser in 1967. Since its inception, Barclays has been a mainstay in British and international banking.


Why is Barclays our Brand of the Week?

As part of their pride campaign, Barclays worked with several influencers to promote their presence and support the LGBTQ community at the parade. Overall, the average engagement rate of their sponsored posts was almost 9%, placing them in the top 6% in the Finance category. This outperforms the category average 3x! 

Which influencers did they work with in the last week?

Barclays collaborated with several influencers for the event. The best performing post from the campaign was by Daniel Webster, who achieved an engagement rate of 14%, which outperforms the category average by 4.6x! Other top performing influencers from this campaign included Jamie Cullen and Melanie Murphy

Jamie Cullen at the Parade

Jamie Cullen at the Parade



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