6 trends influencing the Health category on Instagram

In this post we take a look at trends in the Health category over the past 6 months on Instagram. We unpick the factors driving high engagement performance and look at the top brands in this category.

1) Performance is trending upward

Engagement rates (likes + comments divided by the number of followers) are the key metric used in influencer marketing to gauge post performance.

Average brand-sponsored post engagement rates across nearly all market categories vary over time. Some are trending up,  some down, some are seasonal, some cyclical and a few are flat. In the Health category we see an upward trend over the past 6 months, with a particularly strong period in February and March, where average engagement rates were around 20% above the trending level average.


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The average brand-sponsored engagement rate over this period is 2.9%. The average organic engagement rate in the Health category is 28% higher at 3.7%.

This means that while you might expect to get around 37k engagements from an influencer with a million followers (based on their reported organic engagement rate) and an overall past average engagement rate of 3.7%, you’re actually more likely to get around 29k when you consider the drop-off for brand-sponsored posts.


2) Vision Care is the strongest performing Sub-Category

Nutrition & Dietary is the largest sub-category within Health, representing over 50% of all posts. The best performing is Vision Care with an average engagement rate over this period of 4.1%, 42% higher than the Health category overall average.

This is an example of a Vision Care post by influencer @itslinamar for Specsavers. It achieved an average engagement rate of 8.9%, placing it in the top 4.9% of Instagram Health category campaigns.


3) The 5 best performing brands are promoting protein or other food supplement products

Bulk Powders for example have achieved a huge average engagement rate of 9.8% on over 20 branded posts on Instagram over the past 3 months. This places them in the top performing 5% of all campaigns on Instagram over this period.


4) Brand Promotions and Competition / Giveaways are the best performing

Just under 60% of Health posts are Product Promotions, which achieve an average engagement rate of 3.0%. Brand Promotions and posts that include a Competition / Giveaway outperform these by 11% and 7% respectively. 


5) Friends & Family posts outperform average by 17%

Posts featuring Friends & Family perform strongly in the Health category. Other strong performing post focuses are Full Influencer and Selfies.

Here we show the % difference of each post focus from the overall average.


6) Posts shot in natural environments perform well

Posts shot in locations such as Beaches, Forests and Rivers achieve the strongest engagement performance, with some achieving 4-5x the Health category average.

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Duncan Stoddard is the co-founder and Chief Data Officer of CampaignDeus. Previously a data scientist with DS Analytics, AlphaSights and media agency Mindshare. He specialises in statistical modelling, machine learning and data visualisation.