Deep Dive: Influencer & Brand of the Week

Who is our Influencer of the Week?

Our influencer of the week is Sangiev Sriskumar aka sangiev, a men’s fashion influencer living in London. His Instagram and YouTube pages are dedicated to showing off his personal style and teaching others how to dress fashionably.

Most recently, Sangiev achieved an engagement rate of above 17% on his post sponsored by boohooMAN, which is about 5.5x higher than the average sponsored post on Instagram. He has also worked with brands such as Ray-Ban and Toms.

For this reason he is our Influencer of the Week.

Influencer marketing reiss 1.png

What is interesting about his page?

In the past three months, Sangiev has created several pieces of branded content for boohooMAN and Flannels. The average engagement rate across all of his sponsored posts is above 16% (last 3 months), which is 5x higher than the sponsored engagement rate in the Fashion and Style vertical, placing his sponsored posts in the top 1% on Instagram. His organic engagement rate is 17%, which outperforms his sponsored engagement rate by 5% (also very strong).

Another of his top performing posts also featured a partnership with boohooMAN, which achieved an average engagement rate of above 16%, placing it in the top 2% of the Men’s Fashion sub-vertical.

Influencer marketing reiss 2.png

What did we find interesting about him?

He studied Menswear Fashion and design at Central St Martins College at University of the Arts London! In a recent YouTube Video, Sangiev said that if he could have dinner with any fashion designer, dead or alive, it would be Yves Saint Laurent. 

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Who is our Brand of the Week?

Our Brand of the Week is high-street retailer Reiss. Founded in 1971 by David Reiss, the brand provides products that offer exceptional design, quality and value for both men and women. They are also a favourite of the British Royal Family, with Kate Middleton donning a Reiss dress for her engagement photoshoot!

Influencer marketing reiss 3.jpg

Why is Reiss our Brand of the Week?

Over the past week, they have collaborated with multiple influencers to product posts that achieved an average engagement rate of above 6%, placing the campaign in the top 11% on Instagram and top 13% in the Fashion & Style vertical. This outperforms the vertical average by 1.5x!

The average engagement rate for all of Reiss’ past sponsored influencer collaborations is 4.4%. Therefore, this campaign outperformed even their average by 30%.

Influencer marketing reiss 3.png

Which Influencers did they work with?

Reiss worked primarily with influencers from the Fashion & Style vertical, with all of their posts featuring the hashtag #readyinreiss. The best performing post in the campaign was Tara Marzuki, who achieved an engagement rate of 14%. Other top performing influencers from this campaign included Onyi and Lolita Mas.

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