Deep Dive: Influencer of the Week

Who is she?

In 2015 Dominique Davis left a job she didn’t like to become a full time blogger. From Chester-le-Street in the north of England she blogs and creates content about life as the mother of two young daughters.

Her Instagram page shot to fame when she posted a photo with her daughters accidentally dressed in matching outfits and hairstyles. She then began a weekly photo series using the hashtag #allthatisthree, featuring the same matching mother-daughter styles. The series’s success earned her 8k followers in 24 hours and enabled her to quit her job to focus on her content. She now has over 400k followers. Her blog is called All That Is She and contains engaging posts about her day-to-day life, family and even shows-off her DIY skills!

Last week Dominique achieved an average engagement rate of 8.8% on posts featuring her two adorable daughters, for Unicef and clothing brand Petit Bateau. For this reason she is our Influencer of the week.

Instagram performance

Dominique has created 22 pieces of branded content on Instagram over the past three months. These achieved an average engagement rate of 9.4%, close to her average non-branded engagement rate of 10.6% over this period.

This places her in the top performing 3% of influencers in both the Parenting and Fashion & Style verticals.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, 90% of her audience is female and in their 20s - early 30s.

Over 50% of her recent branded posts promoted sponsored clothing items from high-street brands including Joules and Monsoon and the French online retailer, La Redoute. These posts are easily her best performing, generating an average engagement rate of 12%. This is 62% higher than her average on posts featuring other sponsored products.

What did we find surprising about her?

Dominique said she is often asked how she edits her photos. She decided to create custom Photoshop filters to help others replicate her Instagram style. She built 12 filters in total, each custom made to give the same end result. It’s a resourceful way of encouraging content creators and allows them to post great photos just like her's.

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