Deep Dive: Influencer & Brand of the Week

Who is our Influencer of the Week?

Our Influencer of the Week is Laura-Ann aka all.thats.pretty.

Laura-Ann is a home and parenting and lifestyle blogger and influencer from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Her Instagram page began two years ago as a hobby and a blog followed shortly after. She is known for her love of anything floral, or as she calls it #floralguff.


Most recently, Laura-Ann achieved an engagement rate of 16% on a competition post sponsored by Direct Blinds, which is approximately 6.4x higher than the average sponsored post in the Home & Garden vertical on Instagram. For this reason, she is our Influencer of the Week.


What’s interesting about her page ?

Laura-Ann has created several pieces of branded content for her page in the last three months. She has collaborated with a wide variety of brands from Dulux to Gordon’s Gin. Her past sponsored content has achieved an engagement rate of 4.8%, which is about 1.5x above average for Instagram. Compared to her organic engagement rate of 5.0%, her sponsored posts, underperform by 4%, which is better than the industry average.

Her best performing sponsored post featured a partnership with VQ, a British audio brand, with an engagement rate of 17.5%. This post also featured a competition/giveaway for a digital radio. It outperformed the average competition/giveaway post on Instagram by six-fold!


What did we find surprising about her?

Laura-Ann works as an estate agent part-time and loves rap music!

Brand of the Week

Who is this week’s Brand of the Week?

Our Brand of the Week goes to Fashion Nova a, US-based, women's fashion retailer. Although they are predominantly an online brand, shipping all over the world, they have five retail locations in Southern California. 

Why is Fashion Nova our Brand of the Week? 

Their partnerships with influencers in the past week have resulted in an average engagement rate of above 6%. This places them in the top 10% of the Fashion & Style vertical on Instagram, outperforming the average in the vertical by three-fold. Last week's influencer posts also outperformed Fashion Nova's past average engagement rate by 20%! 

Which influencers did they work with? 

Fashion Nova worked with several influencers in the past week, predominantly within the Fashion & Style Vertical:  

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 5.07.13 PM.png

Alexandra Emily is London-based fashion influencer. Her post features a full body shot as well as #novababe, which is the brand's community hashtag. Her post achieved an engagment rate of 7.8%, outperforming the average in the vertical by almost two-fold. 


Nastasha Grano is a London-based fashion influencer. Her post achieved an engagement rate of 5.1% and also includes a personalized discount code. It outperforms other posts featurings discount codes in the Fashion & Style Vertical by 20%. 


Marinella Bezer is a London-based Fashion influencer. The post achieved an engagement rate of 6.3%, outperforming the average in the vertical by over 150%. 


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