Life of an Influencer: @honeyidressedthepug

The creative mind behind @honeyidressedthepug has boosted the Human and Hound category to a new level of sophistication. Showcasing the colours of London and their beautiful friendship, Matri Mody recently launched her handmade line of Boho Canine fashion. We met up with Matri and her beloved pug Ari, who recently featured on Instagram’s own account, to find out more about their lives as influencers.

Matri Mody, founder of Ari & M Fashion

The “M” of Honey I Dressed The Pug and founder of Ari & M Fashion


How would you describe a typical day?

No two days are the same for us, which is what keeps it exciting and fun. On a typical day, I start with answering emails and DM’s on Instagram, usually from brands who are interested in collaborating with us. I then work on the blog, plan for upcoming shoots, sometimes attend events, network on Instagram, open packages sent by brands, and of course, work on developing my own brand which currently takes up much of my time. Ari’s typical day on the other hand involves networking in the dog park, brainstorming for ideas while he naps (he likes to multitask) and modelling new clothes in exchange for treats ☺


How do you tend to find brand deals? Directly from brands emailing you or through influencer marketplace platforms?

Although we have signed up with an influencer agency, so far most of our collaborations have been direct. Brands reach out to us themselves and sometimes if we're really keen on a brand and want to work with them, then we email them directly too.

What advice would you give agencies when pitching your account?

To focus on our content and the uniqueness of our account, as there are not many accounts/blogs, probably a handful if at all, based on the same concept as ours.

Do you have a professional portfolio which illustrates your statistics, best performing brand deals, etc? Do brands tend to ask for this?

Well I am still in the process of developing a media kit with statistics from all my social media platforms and my blog, which is actually quite essential when you approach a brand directly. The brands that have approached me so far have done so because of my Instagram content and follower count.

How much time do you spend looking at your statistics? What matters most for you / brands you work with?

I don’t spend too much time on it, I tend to focus on creating original and innovative content more. But, at the end of the day statistics are important and its something that I need to start tracking and working on more. However, I have realised that most brands such as Daniel Wellington, tend to just focus on content and followers.

Have you noticed which type of branded posts perform better for you?


Brand posts perform well if we keep them true to our aesthetic and if they blend in seamlessly with the rest of the feed. If a post suddenly jumps out as a sponsored post or becomes too sales-y, it doesn’t perform well. For this reason we've turned down collaborations, where we felt the brand aesthetics don’t fit with our own.

What was your approach to creating posts for your recent Daniel Wellington campaign?

Whenever we have a collaboration, we try to study what the brand likes to feature on their own Instagram page to create content that works well with their style. With DW we noticed that they like lifestyle and travel shots. They also like images that relate to the current mood such as flowers/ice-cream for spring/summer, and fall colours/festive themes for autumn/winter. We kept all of this in mind whilst planning our shots for them.


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