[Report] UK Influencer Marketing: Insights from Fashion & Style

A snapshot of the data and the factors driving performance on Instagram

The fashion industry was quick to realise the huge potential of influencers as a marketing channel. They were the early adopters. We estimate £30m was spent in the UK on influencer marketing in the Fashion & Style vertical on Instagram in 2017.

Fashion influencers are able to reach and engage vast and highly targeted audiences. Yet there is wide variation in performance by influencer, by brand and by post characteristic. In this report we explore the data for 2017 and draw out insights to inform planning future campaigns in 2018. We rank the top 10 influencers and brands, delve into the features that make a top performing post and provide performance by influencer demographics.

Key highlights from the report include:

  • Fashion & Style is the largest on Instagram, representing 29% of all branded posts
  • They achieved an average engagement rate of 2.2%, the second highest performing on the platform
  • On average Fashion & Style influencers’ branded content performs 13% worse than their non-branded posts
  • The best performing subvertical was Men’s Fashion


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